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Lori@ 2:07pm 11-16-2010
Love the website ... love it even more that the brilliant and wonderful BDorsa lives in my very own neighborhood!!! Love ya B!!
Shirley@ 10:09am 11-16-2010
Hi Bridget:
Well done; a wonderfull, beautiful job. I enjoyed looking at the site very much.
TC@ 4:26pm 11-15-2010
I really like the new set up.... the lights on top of the page and how everything is organized. Nicely done Bridget.
God ,not really, Tom@ 3:37pm 11-15-2010
Your new page is cooler than cool, good job.
me@ 2:40pm 11-15-2010
I wanted to see how this guestbook works. Looks like it will be a nice addition to my website & perhaps my blog also.

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