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Jonathan Moore =^_^=@ 4:14pm 04-09-2016
Just busted into my old Freebie Pro Boards forum again. Saw I had a message from you . Don't know if your site here is still live . I am a bit of an artist now of sorts . But I also collect old bottles now , dig them myself .

Shneeball my last rabbit died . Tony-Ohki before him . My parents Budge Snowy died recently , after living an age .

I have a Cat now Esme Florine , love her . A One winged Pigeon called Frankie , and i recently got myself a new family member , a blue budgie boy , that still doesn't have a name right now .


Hope you are well . Be great to get back in touch with you more , talk about your art if your still doing and selling it. And any pets if you have any .
Charley Axsom@ 4:52pm 04-23-2013
I had been looking for a local artist to do a painting for me and I found Briget through a co-worker. I explained what I was looking for in a painting and I must say, I received my painting today and it is absolutely AMAZING!!! Briget you have an awesome talent and gift from heaven. The colors are so brilliant and beautiful, the sea of life looks real. Thank you so much for an amazing job! I will be placing my next order really soon. Thank you again……";
Tom@ 3:58pm 07-11-2012
i just came across this and wnated you to know how cool the site is!!! You have a lot of hard work on here and I am happy to see that people are responding so positively to your efforts.
Hey Jonathan,@ 11:50am 01-02-2012
Toky-Ohki...I was just thinking of you the other day. How can I get in touch with you? I'm not on LiveJournal anymore.
= ^ _ ^ = Toky-Ohki @ 7:33pm 09-02-2011
Hello Bridget how are you . It's been a long time. How is you art coming on ?

I have been doing art of my own and have seen improvement , but thats a completely different story

Still got various pets meself . Including an unusual Black Cat and Pigeon duo.

( ( HUGS ) )

Hugh@ 4:33am 08-11-2011

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Hey fellow blogger,
My names Hugh and I’ve started up a blog with a couple of my mates called I think we aim for and mildly achieve humour but it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Anyway we’re trying to get our blog up and going and get a few followers and what not so if you feel like it check out our blog and see what you think. ( I know this sounds like spam or what not but it’s not I don’t know how to verify that other than saying trust me.)
P.s I'm following your blog";
April@ 6:39pm 08-03-2011
snowdrop@ 5:17pm 06-09-2011

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i love ur blog! colors attractive me! ur way in writing so lively..go ahead!
Bridget@ 10:05pm 06-03-2011
PAULA, I've got no way to reach you. What is your email address? Thanks so much for your compliments on my art. I'd love to work with you.
Paula@ 8:33am 05-20-2011
Your talent is amazing. While visiting the Sunset Beach area I came across your tiny card in a store. I was wondering how much you would charge to paint a 5x7 of a home? On our visit to the Sunset Beach area our friends let us stay in what is their little piece of paradise, and to say "thank you" I thought it would be nice to have their home painted. Warm regards, Paula
COLEEN@ 7:02pm 04-09-2011

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What a fun site. I'm following here now and hope you will follow on mine as well. Now off to explore some more.
Coleen in Ukraine, Eastern Europe
Cindy Learn@ 10:29am 03-07-2011
Hi Bridget, just saw your website link from wet Canvas. I love your vivid colors and wonderful technique. Cindy from Charleston.
Wenona@ 3:09pm 02-03-2011

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Hi I have read most of your blog. It is such an ispiration. I love your work also. A friend of mine sent me your link. Looking at your blog makes me want to finally get on with mine. lol. Excellent read and I enjoy looking at all your work.

Thank you
jeremy leonard@ 1:56am 12-09-2010

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Love your work...very new age. love it.
Maigan@ 1:13am 11-25-2010

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Hey Bridget! LOVE the new site! Ditto to what TC said. The lights at the top of the page are fabulous! Well done!

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